LCI - Linguistique Communication Informatique.
Multilingual technical communication

Our three fields of expertise are organized under one umbrella group: LCI.

Our work consists of:

  • Putting in place IT solutions to manage information systems at the integration, installation, skills transfer and maintenance stages.
  • Developing multilingual technical training and promoting the global development of our clients' products/services.
  • Documenting products and services in a wide range of languages.
  • Designing, developing and maintaining "showcase" websites and multilingual commercial websites.
  • Designing, developing and producing communication materials.
  • Translating commercial, marketing, financial, banking, technical documents (medical, automobile, aeronautics, IT, etc.)
  • Designing and developing Document Information Systems.

With 240 associates and 13 sites in France, Luxembourg and China, LCI Group is where cutting-edge skills are combined to meet the requirements of industrial and commercial companies operating in areas of high technology.

LCI combines project management and technicality by enhancing in-house teams and potential local contractors through win-win partnerships.

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